Man ties bed in ceiling

Dwight Burgess stood in the middle of his one-bedroom board house with his eyes fixed to the roof. He wasn’t looking for holes through which rainwaters – dumped by the outer bands of Tropical Storm Ian – entered his dwelling on Sunday night and…


Fish invade Clarendon yards

Schools of fish have invaded the yards of many Rocky Point, Clarendon, homes following the recent heavy rains. While the community is known for its fishing, residents are not pleased that the aquatic creatures are currently habituating in their…


Hurricane Ian turns Clarendon road into river

“It’s like a river” was how 88-year-old Hyacinth Rowe described the condition of her gateway in Green Bottom, Clarendon, in the aftermath of Hurricane Ian. “Mi stay on mi verandah and look, and mi watch the water go right over to the yard next…


NSWMA expecting 50 new trucks

Executive Director of the National Solid Waste Management Authority (NSWMA), Audley Gordon, said yesterday that the first batch of 50 garbage trucks should be arriving on the island in the next five weeks. “The moment we get them off the wharf…


Seven charged in $100-million ganja bust

Criminal charges have been laid against the seven people who were arrested in connection with a $100-million ganja bust in Clarendon last week, the Corporate Communications Unit said. The charges were laid on Monday after the seven, six men and…

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